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Dragoncat Inventory Management
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    The system has goods receiving, delivery, unpacking, stock balance management, warehouse transfer/move, quantity adjustment, cost revaluation, month/year end, stock take and many reports, such as stock ageing, products' run rate analysis, etc. (some of them can be exported to MS Excel 2003/2007 file format), etc.
    From version 1.0-228, the system allows users to run Inventory Alert and Backup jobs on schedule.
    From version 1.1-318, the registered edtion allows users to import customer/supplier, product and warehouse partition settings from MS Excel files into system.
    From version 1.2-382, the system provides unpack function. 
    From version 1.2-416, the registered edtion allows users to import  Initial Inventory Balance Data from MS Excel File into system.

    It also provides customer/supplier, warehouse setting/internal chambers definitions.
    Given security level of customers/suppliers, you can protect the system from unauthorized access from users.

    The system can also be used for multi-company. All companies can share product information and some settings of the system (but customer information cannot be shared).
    You can trace the inventory ordered by specified customers and salespersons.
    According the goods delivery in specified period, you can get run-rate of products (on screen/report).

    For menu security, the system provides two sets of security system:
    • Set the minimum security level and data update right required to access the menu options (shared for all company);
    • Authorize to access menu options by user name for a company.

    Menu Option List (V1.2-416):

    Menu Option - File: 
    • Close Curren Window
    • Login as another User
    • Page Setup
    • Print Screen
    • Print Screen Preview
    • Exit

    Menu Option - Inventory Module:

    • Storage Order Entry
    • Delivery Order Entry (By Order No)
    • Delivery Order Entry (By Product)
    • Quantity Adjustment
    • Cost Revaluation
    • Warehouse Transfer/Move
    • Stock Balance Management
    • Unpacking
    • Inventory Month/Year End
    • Stock Take
    • Wharehouse Partition Setting
    • Check & Fix Stock Qty

    Menu Option- Print/Inquiry:

    • Stock Balance Inquiry by Product
    • Stock Bal. Inq. by Cust/Sales ordered
    • Stock Bal. Inq. by Warehouse Partition
    • Product Information Reports(include Product List, Balance, YTD in/out Report and Product Ageing Report)
    • Inventory Log Inquiry by Date
    • Product History Log Inquiry
    • Product Running Rate
    • Storage Order Inquiry/Print
    • Delivery Order Inquiry/Print
    • Problem Goods Delivery inq./ Print
    • Transfer Order Inquiry/Print
    • Qty Adjustment Order Inquiry/Print
    • Cost Revaluation Order Inquiry/Print
    • Unpacking Order Inquiry/Print
    • Product Inquiry
    • Customer Inquiry
    • Supplier Inquiry
    • Warehouse Inquiry
    • Customer/Supplier List
    • Inventory Level Alert

    Menu Option - Settings:

    • System Options
    • User List
    • Access Rights Settings
    • Company Setting
    • Valid Values Settings
    • Exchange Rate Table
    • Customer Master File
    • Supplier Master File
    • Product Mastmer File
    • Warehouse File
    • Initial Data Import (Registered Edition Only)
    • Intelligence System
    • Database Connection/Backup/Restore

    Menu Option - Windows:

    • Next
    • Cascade
    • Tile
    • Drag Outline
    • <Windows Openned>
    Menu Option - Help:
    • About
    • Registry