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    Release Notes
    Please go to downloads to get Installation Guide, System Administrator Manual, User Manual and Business Alert Manual.

    Version 0.9-100

    Version 0.9-162

    Change Logs:
    Main changes:
    1. Set default menu security to "Access by Security Level and Data Update Right";
    2. Add official web sites & database version 1.01 in Menu Option "About";
    3. Change default Security Level / Data Update Right for "Check & Fix Stock Qty” from "4/false” to "2/True”(in Settings->Access Rights Settings-> "Update Menu Configuration” ;
    4. Add Reports (MS Excel Format) for Customer & Supplier Lists;
    5. In User List, set 0 for user’s security level and true for Data Update Right when click "Set As Administrator";
    6. Change the "Stg. Ord#” to "Delivery Order#” (English Interface) )in Inventory Module ->Delivery Order Entry (By Product);
    7. Fix a bug: stock balance inquiry by product: if no record in stockbalheader, show zero values;
    8. Fix a bug: qty adjustment: when adding a product which has never been received, Create stock header record.
    9. Add free sample column in Qty Adjustment Order printing
    10. LoginPanel: Update company Name after re-login
    11. InitialMenu: Fix a bug: Reset the menu option access rights when a user who is just downgrade from system admin re-login.
    12. InitialMenu: Set "print screen” can be access by a system admin when it is disabled in system
    13. InitialMenu: When login as another user, close all windows if existing (give a warning message before do it)
    14. Fix a bug: Stock Take, if product No column in Excel File is input a space, system cannot load it.
    15. Add fields CompanyCode and IfCustomer to the Index of File Account
    16. Change the field length for warehouse address in Warehouse File from 40 to 60;
    17. Stock Balance Inquiry by Product: set line detail invisible if no record found for the product.
    18. Cost Revaluation: when revaluation by detail lines, and change back rev.amt to 0 and rev.% to 100%, the new Unit Cost back to old Unit Cost for the line.
    19. Setup: the prompt of DB Name in Chinese Interface.
    Version 0.9-188
    Main changes:
    Fix Bug of menu option Access Rights Settings:
    When updating the menu option table by user name/company in tab "Access by Menu Option for the user", click another tab, and then click back, the updated values (not saved) will be dispeared.
    Version 1.0-228
    Main changes:
    • provide Server/Multi-computer environment (For Registered Edition)
    • Inventory Alert Functions (System will send alert emails for the inventory are greater/less than the max/min level automatically).
    1. Add min/max alert fields in db PRODUCT; add input/modify min/max alert fields in menu option Settings -> Product Master File
    2. Add email & Tel in db Staff, add input/modify email & Tel fields in menu option Settings -> User List; update when adding DCAdmin
    3. Add email settings in System, update when adding System, and module installed selection(at lease select one module to install)
    4. Add MODULE
    5. Add Menu Option "Business Intelligence”; AccessRight: set default right (0,true) for Menu Option "Business Intelligence”
    6. Chinese: "库存转仓”改为"库间调拨”
    7. Change Datecode to lot No.
    8. Change the length of datecode from 8 to 10;
    9. Create Backup class in bi package, backup function in Setup class calls Backup
    10. Known problem: In backup function, if using other .exe command and the backup file .sql is already existing, the command ends normally. It results problem.
    11. Add email address format checking: Staff List(to set as System Admin in DB System-because of BI alert module, must have an email address), Customer, Supplier, warehouse code
    12. Account Information screen: Initial value of check box and from/to ID in Chinese problems.
    13. Get file type prompt, bug: MS Exel(,.xls.xlsx) changed to MS Exel(*.xls; *.xlsx)
    14. Change the default excel format to 2007 in AccountInfo.class
    15. Setup.class: provide modules to installed option, and set the available value in DB Module for BI module.
    16. Registry.class
    17. Change mouse click to mouse press in SystemOption.class, ExchangeRate.class, ValidValues.class, InventoryBalInq.class, InventoryOrderPrt.class, InventoryOutByOrder.class, InventoryAdjust.class, InventoryBalMain.class, whChamber.class
    18. ProductInfo.class: add: if "IV” not installed, no show the buttons of InvBalRpt and InvAgeRpt.
    19. Cost Revaluation: if no receiving, or no stock qty, can not do Revaluation.
    20. Cost Revaluation: bug: if changed the header(amount or pct), the detail line cannot be updated.

    Main Changes:
    • For Registered Edition, add an option to Import Master Data from MS Excel Files (Customer/Supplier, Product, Warehouse Chamber) into the Dragoncat System.
    1. Expand the field size of Size, Special Character for Product Main/Inq
    2. Product: mis-typing in warning message of delete a product.
    3. The Chinese Message for errorMessage 3-10014b, remove "continue?”
    4. Add Upgrade Functions;
    5. Add prompt messages in the end of InstallApp-NT.bat and UninstallApp-NT.bat when errorlevel=1;
    6. Add start Dragoncat BI Service at InstallApp-NT.bat after wrapper.exe run;
    7. Product: add warning message when modifying product’s status to "I” (get the stock qty, and warning it will not be deliver).
    8. Customer: add warning message when modifying customer’s status to not "A”("I” or "S” or "L”) (get the max allocated stock line qty in the stock detail file, and warning it will not be deliver).
    9. bug;disabled the option "Print Screen” and "Print Screen Preview”when disable "print screen”at system settings
    10. Account/Product/StaffList: key field: move "focus lost” action to "search”button action
    11. Inventory In: remove the checking if the status is "A” for a supplier of a product when getting the datecode/packageID format.
    12. About: add if it is upgrade version to show
    13. Add default parameters in UpgradeVersion
    14. Inventory In: If not existing prod#, and press , ask if create it.
    15. ProductText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateProduct(), replace productText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct(),
      Add condition (validateProduct()) for press :
      if (validateProduct())
      ((JTextField) e.getSource()).transferFocus();
    16. Inventory Out by Order:
      customerText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateCustomer(), replace customerText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct(),and if customer not exist, ask if created;
      Add validateCustomer in ;
      Remove focustgain/lost
    17. Add validateCustomer at Inventory Out by Product:
      ProductText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateProduct(), replace productText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct(),
      Customer: customerText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateCustomer(), replace customerText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct(),and if customer not exist, ask if created;
      Add condition (validateProduct()) for press Next;
    18. Quantity Adjustment:
      replace productText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct() in press Add condition (validateProduct()) for press Cost Revalue:
    19. Initial Screen value: set"companycurrency”to initial value of costCurrencyLabel;
      ProductText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateProduct(), replace productText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct(),
      Add condition (validateProduct()) for press <Next>; Add condition (validateProduct()) for press <Enter>;
    20. Warehouse transfer/move:
      ProductText: extract focuslost to a Boolean method validateProduct(), replace productText.setInputVerifier with validateProduct();
      Add condition (validateProduct()) for press Next;
      Add condition (validateProduct()) for press Enter;
    21. Add dc system path into registry of Windows
    22. InventoryAlert: when there is only one record to create Excel File. Resizing columns has problem.
    23. Bug:, sc,tc), description of product cannot show the last character.
    24., the file extension name is upper case, cannot load. 

    Main Changes:
    1. Add "open/find” options at the field web site in ProductMaster by right click.
    2. Add "open” option at the field email/web site in AccountMaster by right click.
    3. Company: logo image opened to fit the size of the panel by scale, and show at the middle of the panel;
    4. Bug: Cannot print company log with alpha tunnel(transparent) (en,sc,tc): PrintProductList,PrintProductBal,PrintProductAgeing, PrintProdLogByDate, RunRate, Inventory In/Out, Adjustment,
    5. Bug: PrintProdLogByDate: when no record, press Print get error. At line 963, add if (detailTable.getRowCount()>0)
    6. Bug: InvOutByProduct/InvOutByOrder: add: if (salesCode==null)salesCode="";
    7. InvOutByProduct: ErrorMessage 4-10140: if Salescombobox is null, use "” to compare(line#2372);
    8. in’s Chinese, 出货单改为送货单,问题货物出货单 改为问题货物送货单(屏幕和报表)
    9. 繁体:菜單 改為 功能表,資料庫改为資料庫
    10. 中文:菜单中,"现有库存维护”改为"现有库存管理”,"用户菜单权限设定”改为"菜单权限设定”,"进货”改为"入库”(HK:"入倉”)
    11. InventoryAdjustOrderPrint: Move Date field to right 2 spaces;
    12. Upgrade.jar rename to forUpgrade.jar, prevent clicking to run(should run upgrade.bat, not upgrade.jar);
    13. Bug: InventoryOutByOrder: for manual order number and must input an order number set in the system, no checking for order number is blank when press Next;
    14. Bug: show blank paper when PrintPreview for all kind of Inv.Order Reports;
    15. For all kind of Inv.Order Reports, remove Next/Prv button on PrintPreview screen;
    16. Add class ValidateChecking.product() : static method;
    17. Stock Bal Inq: when right click, get all product (include status!=”A”);
    18. Remove product InputVerifier in: Stock run rate cal., Product Info,InvBalMain, Stock Bal Inq
    19. remove account verifier: AccountInfo(also remove focuslost),
    20. StockBal Inq.: Screen:add order type next to "order number”
    21. Ask if print the order right after adding an order for InventoryIn/InventoryOutByOrder/ InventoryOutByProd/InvAdjust/InvRevalue/WHTransfer
    22. BusinessAlert: add a Boolean "needToRestartService”, when changed start alert to "true”, add prompt message when save: please restart the service.
    23. Add a prompt message for ImportData: the Excel Format, refer to the example file.
    24. all reports: initial report language changed from User Setting to System Setting.
    25. Bug: Adjust none inventory Item, cannot add record into InventoryHeader, then has problem in finding the record in StockBalDetail in printing adj order(sample record). And cannot print the order/cannot find it in stockbal/cannot find it in inventorylogbyDate;
    26. Bug: Adjust add a new qty, the Indate in StockBalDetail set to today
    27. Bug: Adjust Order Printing: should use StockWHJnl/StockLine/StockSeq to find the record inStockBalDetail;
    28. Login: after login successfully, update package path in Windows registry.
    29. Upgrade: use the version(sys &db) in RemainString as default version;
    30. Bug:InvRevalue Report : the item line should be the price difference X total inventory qty(not include freesample), not the price difference X involved wh location qty.
    31. StaffList: when the stafftype="SC” /"PC”, the Staff No cannot be "-”;
    32. Add inquiry function: check Stock Balance by wh location
    33. Change English Interface "Chamber” or "Location” to "Partition”;
    34. InventoryIn: if wh/wh partition/exchangeRate not defined, check if the user is authorized to do it, create them, and if foreign currency and excRate table exists, get the current rate to show;
    35. SystemOption: see if wh partition/customer/sales exists before activate the checkbox
    36. InvAdjust: see if the productNo exist, ask if create it.
    37. Bug: InvIn: if wh partition can be blank, you can input nothing in partition.
    38. InventoryOutbyProd and byOrder:if foreign currency and excRate table exists, get the current rate to show;
    39. InventoryOutbyProd and byOrder/InvBalMain:customer: check if the user is authorized to do it, create them;
    40. Convert.getAmtExchangeRate: add a condition that rate!=0;
    41. when delete a wh code, check if there is goods in there, if yes, cannot delete it.
    42. ProductMaster: if the supplier not exist, check if the user is authorized to do it, create them;
    43. WHChamber: When delete a partition(s), warning message if there is goods occupy the place;
    44. setup: add function to use registered edition, for using ip to set up database;
    45. All order printing:if no company logo,the title left align;
    46. InvOutByPrd: Problem Goods Delivery is a header field, cannot change it in a same order.
    47. check if the version of dcinventory.jar is right, if different from system installed in DB, Exit.
    48. Upgrade use Graphic Interface, for registered edition, when big upgrade, need registry code to upgrade;
    49. YearEnd: remove optimize settingSave; Bug: If not select to run YE job, still to run; Add datetime when run; add "print log” function;
    50. Month/Year End, show backup/print reports/all users have logged out message before run, print date time at the 1st line in message pane;
    51. Before Backup, show all users have logged out message before run;
    52. Storage Order/Delivery Order/Problem Goods DeliveryOrder: show supplierID/name/ID, length =55 English Chars.
    53. Warehouse: before delete a warehouse code, check if there is stock, if yes, cannot delete; if no, delete it and its partition definition.
    54. Import Master Data: Warehouse partition: if a warehouse code not exist, ask if create it.
    55. When saving alert setting, check if admin’s email exists.
    56. Stock Ageing report: make the ageing days can be changed, save it in typelist "0Check0001”, here add primary key for typelist;
    57. Add Customized menu options(0-9): max 10 options;
    58. encrypt the database setting file
    59. Bug: import Data: product Master file: import has problem, weh WeightUOM is null;
    60. InvBalMain: If no stock, just show a message, and do not show detailtable; 61. InvTrf: if the qty was changed just before update(multi-user environment), cancel the operation;
    62. 中文: 送货单改为出库单
    63. For TextFields, enable(false) changes to editable(false)
    64. change length of WebSite of Product from 40 to 120